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2012-2013 Commissioning Team

  • Martin Bell (Sydney) - Transients
  • Gianni Bernardi (Harvard/CfA, Square Kilometre Array South Africa) - Sky survey
  • Ramesh Bhat (Curtin) - High time resolution
  • Frank Briggs (ANU) - EoR, system veri cation
  • Avinash Deshpande (RRI) - high time resolution, polarisation
  • Aaron Ewall-Wice (MIT) - system monitors
  • Lu Feng (MIT) - data quality indicators
  • Bryna Hazelton (UW) - EoR, M&C
  • Natasha Hurley-Walker (Curtin) - GEG/sky survey
  • Danny Jacobs (ASU) - EoR, survey, system verifi cation
  • Nadia Kudryavtseva (Curtin) - Transients
  • Emil Lenc (Sydney) - Polarization
  • Ben McKinley (ANU) - GEG
  • Daniel Mitchell (Univ. Melbourne) - RTS, EoR, system veri fication
  • Divya Oberoi (NCRA) - Solar
  • Steve Ord (Curtin) - Correlator development, high time resolution, system veri cation
  • Pietro Procopio (Univ. Melbourne) - RTS
  • Jennifer Riding (Univ. Melbourne) - Sky models
  • Randall Wayth (Curtin) - Commissioning Scientist

In addition to the Commissioning Team, several MWA collaboration members have made significant contributions to commissioning the telescope, including Luke Hindson (VUW), David Kaplan (Wisconsin/Milwaukee), Andre Offringa (ANU), and Bart Pindor (Melbourne).