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Below are videos showcasing the MWA, its construction, and its scientific results. You can find additional videos produced by some of our members at the CAASTRO video channel on YouTube and the ICRAR video channel on Vimeo. You can also see clips of raw video acquired by aerial drones flying over the telescope.

MWA: From the Outback to the Cosmos produced by Haystack Observatory describes the development and scientific motivation for the MWA.

Man in the Moon Tunes into Earth's Radio video press release by Ben McKinley.

Reach for the Stars segment covering the MRO and MWA from the ABC Landline television program (YouTube).

[Audio] Murchison Widefield Array... what the? radio clip featuring Brian Schmidt from Breakfast with Adam Spencer program.

Giant telescope 'switched on' in remote WA segment covering the operations launch of the MWA from SBS World News Australia.