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Below are videos showcasing the MWA, its construction, and its scientific results. You can find additional videos produced by some of our members at the CAASTRO video channel on YouTube and the ICRAR video channel on Vimeo. You can also see clips of raw video acquired by aerial drones flying over the telescope.

Curtin University's 'Game Changer' TV ad includes the MWA near the end.

Offical launch ceremony for the MWA on Friday, 30 November 2012, posted by Curtin University.

Short movie of Faraday dispersion for J0636-2041 as observed during commissioning of the MWA.

Movie of the Sun, made with the gamma array of the Murchison Widefield Array during commissioning. Data were taken over a four minute period at a frequency of 172 MHz. Each frame represents a four second period. Note the short timescale changes in the radio emission at various points in the sequence. By Steven Tingay.